Strategic Plan Mid-Cycle Opportunity Review Recommendations

Help shape our strategic plan!

Approximately 200 individuals gathered in November 2016 and reviewed the levers, themes and actions in our strategic plan. Now is your chance — as a faculty member, staff member or student — to review those recommendations and help shape the plan.

Open forum feedback and online feedback has been submitted to the table leaders. Each leader will review the feedback and make any necessary adjustments. The revised templates will be posted on March 27th for the campus community to review and post any feedback. Final feedback must be completed by April 3.

Under each Theme tab below are the PDF documents for each Lever. The areas highlighted in yellow indicate recommended changes to current actions. The areas highlighted in green indicate recommendations for new actions. The new actions may be completely new to the plan or they may be actions that were previously suggested but the activation was delayed.

Note to working groups:
Following the working group meetings in November, the Lever documents have been edited for consistency and clarity in action wording, job titles, formatting, etc. Some text revisions were made to better reflect Missouri S&T’s mission, vision, values, commission reports or campus commitments. In some cases, actions suggested by working groups have been moved to different Levers for alignment with overall campus strategy. If you participated in a working group and have questions regarding revisions, please email

  • Theme 1
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  • Theme 3
  • Theme 4

Theme 1

Theme 1: Develop and inspire creative thinkers and leaders for life-long success

Lever 1.1 Recommendations

Lever 1.2 Recommendations

Lever 1.4 Recommendations

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 4: Increase and facilitate meaningful access to and interaction with renowned faculty, staff and services

Lever 4.1 Recommendations

Lever 4.2 Recommendations

Lever 4.5 Recommendations

Lever 4.6 Recommendations

Lever 4.7 Recommendations

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