Campus Dashboards

Campus Dashboard

The dashboard report is designed to provide you with a one-page snapshot of campus benchmarks and metrics in key performance areas. Included in this report are the System measures, the best-in-class strategic plan metrics and strategic plan accountability measures.

Missouri S&T Dashboard - September 2016

Note: When looking at the dashboard, it is vital to recognize two important facts: First, student IT support are listed as campus administrators. Secondly, prior to 2012 athletic personnel were categorized as faculty. After 2012, they were reclassified to staff. This would represent a decline in faculty numbers and an increase in staff headcount due to this reclassification.


Below are some key operational definitions for understanding the data parameters within the campus dashboard report.

Retention: The percentage of fall cohort full-time degree seeking undergraduate students who have persisted from their freshman year to their sophomore year

Degrees Awarded: The number of doctoral degrees, number of Masters degrees and the number of undergraduate degrees awarded within the academic year

Graduation Rate: The percentage of fall cohort full-time first time bachelors degree seeking undergraduate students and the percent of students who completed the program in six years or less

Full-time faculty: includes tenured, tenure-track and ranked non-tenured faculty only.  The number excludes lecturers, research staff, public service staff or instruction staff and cannot be compared to other reporting sources.

Fact Sheet

This document highlights the latest data and metrics for the campus in an easy-to-read format.

Fact Sheet - March 2017

Progress to Goal

These charts display information regarding our strategic progress from baseline through year two.

Progress to Goal (PDF)

Department Productivity Measures

Productivity measures are divided by college, CEC and CASB, and then by department to display information regarding Ph.D. enrollment per T/TT, publications per T/TT, research expenditures per T/TT, and degrees awarded per T/TT. Data provided is for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.

Department Productivity Measures