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Missouri S&T will provide by 2020 a top return on investment among public research universities to students, employers, research partners and donors through extraordinary access to renowned expertise, services and experiential learning opportunities.

Highlighting Our Progress

The latest Progress-At-A-Glance, highlighting the university's achievements related to the strategic plan, was published in February 2017.

Semi-Annual Report

The semi-annual report was revised in February 2017 and includes the progress that has been made toward achieving the university's strategic plan goals.

Strategic Plan Review

A mid-cycle opportunity review of the campus strategic plan was held in November. Please submit your feedback to these recommendations by April 3.

"This strategic plan is the fruit of an unusual process - one in which we flipped our perspective and viewed Missouri S&T from our customers’ point of view. Thousands of participants addressed how to provide a top return on investment for six key customers groups chosen from among 36 very important stakeholders."

 - Chancellor Cheryl B. Schrader

This site is aimed at regularly presenting you with the insights we have gained from implementing the strategic plan and our progress on the performance measures and metrics. It will also provide updates on the actions within the strategic plan; these actions demonstrate our current progress on providing a top return on investment for our six key customers.